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Creating fairy tales and preserving memories ... 

a wedding & family photographer in Victoria, BC 

Turning life into art

A paragraph about the fantastical nature of what you do, and how it applies to both your Wedding and Family photography.

How this is both a benefit to what you offer,  and how it sets you apart from your competition.

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Victoria Wedding Photography - A Natural, Artistic approach

Are you looking for a professional photographer to capture your day beautifully so that you don't have to burden your family friend to take pictures?

You want to spend your time with your family and friends, many of whom you've probably not seen in a long time. I have a "get it done" approach for group shots. I know you need those formal photos, but you don't want to spend half the day taking them.

You also want beautiful couple portraits, but you don't want to leave your guests waiting for hours while you go off to take pictures. I've got the experience to help you (and your guests) pose quickly and naturally so we can get the must-haves done and you can get on with your day! Because what's most important to you is capturing the candid moments and the joy of everyone at the event.

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Fantasy and traditional family photography

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One thing that every mom learns is that our children grow up really quickly!

But simple snapshots aren't enough to fully capture every important memory. You can share a nostalgic family story with someone, but the real magic happens when the story is illustrated with a powerful photograph. Photographs are timeless and serve to connect family generations in ways that often defy words.

Children are so inquisitive, playful and curious. Allowing them to be themselves rather than asking them to pose is how I capture their true essence. Combined with a creative eye and love for art, you will be wowed with personalized fine art of your children that you will want to hang on your walls for years to come!

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