Street Photography in Xalapa, Southern Mexico

These photos are mainly from the many small towns surrounding Xalapa, the capital city in the state of Veracruz. El Chico (where I stayed), had a population of about 2000 people.

Most of the towns where these photos were captured were situated in the mountains of the Sierra Madre Oriental, in the South East part of Mexico. It is one of the poorest parts of the state.

The State of Veracruz is a leading national producer of coffee, sugarcane, corn, and rice. Though beautiful, this is not what we usually see as typcial photos from Mexico. It's not a tourist destination, being several hours from an international airport. I was definitely stared at when I went out alone, but luckily I blended in rather well when I went out with my local friend. He picked me up at the Mexico City airport, and we drove along terrible roads for most of the 6 hours it took to get to his house.

It was quite common to see donkeys used as a means of transport. In the shot above, you may notice a donkey is pulling the trailer full of people!

I was fascinated that people ride standing in the back of trucks (or sometimes laying on packages of dry cement, as seen above!) even going down the highway.

This photo below is just bizarre on so many levels I had to include it! Do you see why? (No, I have no explanation!)

I was happy to enjoy amazing food, even in (carefully selected) hole-in-the-wale looking places! This is my vegetarian fajita! *That's cheese, not chicken!

But even in the smallest and poorest villages, the churches are full of gold. :/

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