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So, you need a headshot!?! Great! I can help :)

I’m used to being in front of the camera as well as behind. I understand what it’s like to have a big lens pointed at your face – it can be quite intimidating! And, you probably don't do this often, so I’ll do my best to make you comfortable by getting the shots quickly and I'll never make you stiff by holding a pose for a long time!

All portraits above were taken outside! I shoot outdoors because I love the soft light and natural backdrops we have here in Victoria.

I specialize in quick and easy professional headshots, done outside in about 20 minutes. The fee is $150 for a session and you'll receive a proof gallery and the option to choose your favourite 3 images.


Where are the headshot sessions done?

We will meet at Portage Park, in View Royal. Because of the short nature of these sessions, I don’t travel to other areas for this price. But, if you really want a shoot somewhere else, I would add a small travel fee and we can do it!

How many photos do I get?

You will get your choice of 3 images, lightly retouched and edited as needed. Plus, you will get all the photos in your proof gallery, which is usually at least 20, but these will be unedited.

Can I purchase more edited photos if I want?

Yes, additional photos (edits) can be purchased for $25 each.

Do you have a studio where we can do the photo indoors?

I'm sorry, I don't currently have a portrait studio. I can come to your home or office though if you would like photos inside.

What should I wear?

Clothing choice will depend on the look you are going for. If you want a business headshot, choose dressier clothes than for a casual lifestyle portraits. As for colors, I normally tell people to stay away from tones that look like their own skin color – as I’ve seen photos where people tend to look “naked”. Textures (like knitted sweaters) look great, but avoid large patterns/prints and big logos. It might be worthwhile to consider where this photo will end up… is it going on your website which is mostly blue? Then a blue shirt might match well, for example!

Are you open with COVID-19 going on?

Yes! As long as we shoot outside and maintain our distance, we can do the session.

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