Children's Photography

Like most parents, my favourite thing to photograph are my children!

There are no words to describe how much excitement I get when everything works out perfectly; the lighting, the expression, the exact moment that I click the shutter. To me, the best challenge is to create an opportunity for photos. For example, bringing your kids to a beautiful spot at the right time of day - and then sit back and wait for the magical moments to happen.

Above: Fairy tale session with "Cookie" the mouse.

Why Fine Art Photography?

You take pride in your home, and you work hard to make it look beautiful. Decorating your home with amazing portraits of your family is a priceless source of happiness.

In fact, one reason why you take your search for a photographer so seriously is that you don't want hundreds of photos hurriedly taken as part of a hectic session — you just want a few excellent images you can display proudly in your home. If this sounds like you, we are probably a good match!

We will have a casual chat to get to know each other and talk about your family and your children's favourite activities. This will help us figure out the best way to capture meaningful memories of your kids doing what they love.

Fine art session: Thetis Lake

Fairy Tale Sessions

Let's create a fairy tale!

I'll help bring your child's vision to life whether it be a fairy tale, fantasy, superhero, pirate, astronaut or anything else they dream up.

We'll plan out something fun ahead of time and as much as possible will be REAL (with props and costumes) and I'll add final touches in Photoshop afterward to add the magic!

Your kids will love these photos as much as you will! And your whole family will remember the amazing time we had creating them!

Fun. Creative. Fantasy.

Fine Art Sessions

Fine art sessions are planned ahead of time so we can thoughtfully arrange a vision for your session.

We'll decide on things like wardrobe choice, style, and most importantly, location. (I usually like to do these outside in nature where your kids can explore!)

Once we craft how we want the session to go in terms of style and place, we can just let the kids be themselves on the actual day!

No Photoshop is added and the photos captured are pure and authentic moments.

Authentic. Artistic. Timeless.

Sample Fairy Tale Photos (click to enlarge)

We will plan a date for the session allowing some time to collect any props we may need or any details we may need to sort out ahead of time. One the actual session date, I will give as little or as much direction as needed to help your kids play and become comfortable around me and my camera. The idea is that eventually they will play happily and normally, ignoring me altogether! That's when the magic happens. If they don't cooperate? I have kids too, so as you know that means I also have patience and a back up plan!

Fine Art Session: Germany

Why Hire a Professional Children's Photographer?

You probably take a lot of photos of your kids - with your cell phone. (So do I!) But you know simple snapshots aren't enough to fully capture every important memory. Sometimes you want more than that.

You understand that it takes a sensitive and compassionate photographer with a keen eye for tiny details and those golden moments you want to capture.

As a mom who knows her family better than anyone, I'm sure you're looking for a photographer who can easily encourage incredible and natural expressions from even the quietest or most camera-shy of people. This is where my introvert personality is a real bonus because I'm approachable without being intimidating. For you, this means I simply let people be themselves without directing or influencing their every move — which allows me to capture those all-important authentic moments for you. (Even if we set up a scene for a magical photo, you don't want awkward poses or forced smiles... you'll get natural moments!)


Fairy Tale Session: "My kids love books so much they sometimes turn into the characters..." inspired by Harry Potter!

Booking information

As I know you'd expect from me, you're guaranteed to get first-class service. In order to provide that, I accept a limited number of clients each month. Every tiny detail of your session will be treated with the utmost care because you and I both want your children to remember the experience as a fun day where they got to explore nature or their imaginary world.

Pricing on both Fine Art & Fairy Tale Sessions is $575, including $100 towards the cost of the printed artwork you choose. The main difference between the sessions is the vision - whether you want authentic moments (fine art session) or a styled shoot (imagination session).

Fine art session: Beaver Lake

Want to see more children's photos?

COVID-19 UPDATE: All sessions will be outdoors with a safe distance that can be maintained with zoom lenses.

Ready to get in touch? I'd love to hear from you! Contact me below.

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