Fine Art & Fantasy Photography

You probably take a lot of photos with your cell phone already. (So do I!) But you know simple snapshots aren't enough to fully capture every important memory.

Sometimes you want more than that. You want to capture the wonder & magic of childhood, or a magical idea you've always had.

What are Fantasy Sessions?

Fantasy sessions are magical! They are part photograph and part digital art. The sky's the limit! Anything you (or your kids) can dream up we can (probably!) make happen in a photo. Sometimes this means that the photos are digitally enhanced with Photoshop to create that "magic" and other times we use props and extra creativity. Either way, the end result is a beautifully crafted finished piece of art.

Being able to create something beautiful out of what I see in the world around me is like a dream come true.

Most of my clients start out with the simple desire to preserve the legacy of their family memories and stories for the future.

From there, we strive to make something that most people see as ordinary look fantastic. Working together with creativity and imagination, we can make a small slice of the world and make it look magical.

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Booking Information

As I know you'd expect from me, you're guaranteed to get first-class service. Every tiny detail of your session will be treated with the utmost care. You and your children will remember the session as a fun experience!

Sessions start at $349 - $395. Packages can be found here: Fine Art and Fantasy Pricing

Behind the scenes of Children's Fantasy Session

COVID-19 UPDATE: All sessions will be outdoors with a safe distance that can be maintained with zoom lenses.

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