Family Photography in Victoria, BC

We all love a great story, but I think you'll agree that photographs tell amazing stories in ways that words alone can't do.

I love to look at old albums and tell my kids stories about them. They listen in awe and love to ask me a million questions. You can share a nostalgic family story with someone, but the real magic happens when the story is illustrated with a powerful photograph.


Fun and Artsy Portraits of Your Family

Being able to create something beautiful out of what I see in the world around me is like a dream come true.

Most of my clients — loving and dedicated moms just like you — start out with the simple desire to preserve the legacy of their family memories and stories for the future.

From there, I strive to make something that most people see as ordinary look fantastic. Working together with creativity and imagination, we can make a small slice of the world and make it look magical.

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This is not your average studio session!

If you're looking for a great experience for everyone in your family, not just a photographer...

I offer relaxed sessions outside at the location of your choice. My style is very different than traditional studio portraits. We take our time and let your kids play and interact with you while I capture candid photos.

If you're like me, you believe that natural is beautiful. There's nothing more inspiring than a portrait that captures the authentic personalities of your kids and family, and the deep relationships you share. Of course, it must be fun, too.

Being outside in the fresh air instead of in a stuffy studio means you all get to relax, explore nature, and simply enjoy precious moments that you'll be able to treasure and relive later through the power of artistic photographs.



Local outdoor sessions start at $250 for 30 minutes
Various options are available! Please ask me for a complete price list, or visit my family photography packages here.

Every session also includes:
- 2 to 4 hours of post-processing time - this gives me a chance to retouch as needed and make your photos really shine!
- Your own private gallery.
- Secure online ordering of prints in various sizes and on various professional paper types. (Professional lab quality prints are hand color-corrected, printed and shipped from the UK directly to you.)
- A download link to download the high quality digital images to your computer.
- The option to purchase canvas, metallic prints, albums, eco-friendly books and framed prints online.

Family Gallery (Click to enlarge)

Wait, these don't look like Victoria!! What's up, Naomi??

Very observant, Sherlock! I lived in Spain from 2012 - 2019... so much of my recent work comes from Spain! Thanks for noticing. :)

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