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Fundraiser Event to Support Ukraine

Easter Minis

Come for an Easter photo shoot or a mother's day tea party photo shoot! Grandmothers, mothers & children of all ages are welcome. Dress in your finest for an old-fashioned tea party! Or come as you are... we have hats and accessories to add to your final tea-party attire if you wish!

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Hi! This is my mom, Elizabeth, and I. We share a studio. (Her website: www.funfamilyphotography.com) We have been deeply affected and saddened by what's going on in Ukraine, and we want to help in any way we can. We are offering our services by donation for Easter and Mother's day as a way to raise money for those who need it most right now.

Help Us Support Ukraine!

We have chosen to donate some of our proceeds to help the cats and dogs of Ukraine. As people flee, many pets are left behind and need help. Several organizations are working to provide food, shelter and veterinarian care for these animals. The ones we have donated to are listed below.

April 12th update: Funds Raised so far: $670 

Next update will be on April 25th after the Mother's day sessions.

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Which charities are you sending money to? We sent the donations from our Easter fundraiser to  The Canadian Red Cross,  and several Animal Rescue organizations:  Soi Dogs, Casa Lui Patrolce, TOZ, and Sirius. Future donations will go to the animal charities only. Please check them out to see the work they are doing for animals in Ukraine.

Are you making a profit from this? No, profit is not our intention. We have chosen to donate all profits, which is about 80% of gross sales. The remaining 20% will help cover our costs, including admin, studio heating costs, cost of props, among other expenses.

How do I know the money has been donated? We are committed to transparency. We will post screenshots of our donations and share receipts on our facebook page here.

When will the money raised be donated? The day after each mini session date we will donate the funds from that day.

What ages is this for? Everyone is welcome for the mother's day session. I recommend ages 6 months to 5 years for the Easter session due to the size of the props.

Any other questions? Contact us!

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