Christmas Family Minis in Victoria, BC!

Option 1: Christmas Mini Session - $125

What you get:

  • - 15 minutes of studio time
  • - 5 edited digital images in front of our Christmas background (sample below!)
  • - Option to purchase more for $25 each
  • - Fast delivery within 7 days or less
Untitled photo

Option 2: Deluxe "Christmas-in-a-Box" Session - $175

What you get:

  • - 30 minutes of studio time
  • - 9 different images of your family in the box, interacting with each other and having fun!
  • - Your own personalized "Christmas-in-a-box" photo masterpiece!
  • - Use our holiday props to decorate each box. Or, choose NO PROPS to make your session timeless
  • - Fast delivery within 7 days or less

  • "This is honestly the most amazing picture ever!! I love it so much, and the fact that you were able to get my kids to pull this off is nothing short of magic. :) Thank you!!!" - Jennie M. (Photo pictured below!)

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Our “Christmas-in-the-Box” sessions are fast-paced, interactive and fun! This “Brady-Bunch” style setting means we can show off your family's personality in various poses, yet still one final photo! It’s an active session where we tell the story of your family one box at a time.

And YES, it's a REAL BOX!! (But not 9 real boxes!) These sessions do take a bit of work in planning and extra work after you leave in order to put together your final masterpiece!

I have Santa hats and props, so you only need to bring your smiles!

2022 Christmas minis will be available in November!

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Mini Session FAQ

  • What is the "Christmas-in-a-box" session?

    This is a super fun way to experience a photo shoot! Your family will get to create 9 different images inside a big box in my studio, and then afterward I will merge them all into one photo like you see on this page! (You can choose which images you want in your final box photo. These make great Christmas cards!)
    With every Christmas-in-a-box" Session, we'll also do a few traditional family photos in front of my cozy studio backdrop.

  • How many images will I get?

    We offer 2 sessions. The MINI session is 15 min and 5 photos. The full session is 60 min so we can create 9 different shots that will go together for your "Christmas-in-a-box" photo. With this session, you'll also get 5 family photos. Additional photos are $25/each if you wish to purchase more.

  • Where will the sessions be?

    At our home-based studio near Florence Lake, Langford. The exact address will be given to clients upon booking.

  • When should I arrive?

    Because these sessions are back to back with just 5 minutes in between to sanitize the space, please arrive right on time. If you're late, we are unable to extend your session unfortunately.

  • Can I take cell phone photos?

    Please do not take photos of your children with your cell phone at any time in the studio. I know it's tempting to get a couple shots to have right away, but this slows me down because your kids will look at you instead of me. Let me capture those moments for you!

  • Can I bring my parents/grandparents?

    I can accommodate up to 6 people in a studio shot. If you have 2 kids, plus parents, plus one set of grandparents, then this is 6 and we can do it. If you have any more than 6 please book two spots back-to-back.

  • How many people can you fit in the box?

    I can usually accomodate 5 people (depending on size and ages of children) in the box. If you have more than 5, please let me know ahead of time!

  • Can I bring my dog?

    I'm sorry but we don't allow pets in the studio at this time. I'm happy to do an outdoor family session with your dog though!

  • What should I wear?

    There are two backdrops in the studio. One is white/light and the other is brown. You can't go wrong wearing neutral colors, like grey or cream in either one. Red looks very Christmasy, but try to use it as an accent color, not for full outfits on everyone. Solid colors look better than prints. Avoid black, unless you want to go with a dark theme.

  • Can I wear shoes inside?

    We require everyone to take off their shoes before entering the studio. The studio has a laminate floor and white carpet. To make it more pleasant if you don’t like to be barefoot, bring a pair of socks to wear or a pair of slippers/flat to put on during the session. If you like to have pictures with your shoes on, please make sure you are bringing a pair of clean shoes.

  • Cancellation policy

    Payment is required up front to reserve your spot. Your payment is refundable if more than 7 days before your session. If you need to cancel with short notice due to Covid-19 related symptoms, I am happy to transfer your payment to a new date. If you are so late that you miss your session without notice, your payment will be forfeited.

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