I believe photography makes the world more beautiful.

It has the power to create fairytales, preserve memories and tell stories.

What to Expect

When you work with me, I’ll make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed. (It's not your job to be a professional model!) We will have fun, and you can totally be yourself. If you need a litle direction because you don't know what to do, I'll offer posing suggestions, or give you something to do so you can focus on a task instead of the camera.

My Style: My style is authentic, timeless and artistic... I like images that are uncluttered and minimalistic. I edit subtly with precise artistic intent, and I give myself very high standards for my work because I know how important it is to the families who will treasure their photos for years to come.

My aspiration is to preserve the moments in your life that can never be recreated.

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Awards and Recognitions

  • • Film shooter since 1996 ~ Professonial photographer since 2007
  • • 100+ weddings photographed over 2 continents
  • • Recently placed #1 on 52frames.com (week 28, 2021) and #2 for the week of June, 2020 for my Lockdown photo
  • • Winner of the Greenpeace 2019 Photo Competition – Photo published as “April” in the 2020 calendar
  • • Various Awards including “Community Choice”, “Peer Choice”, “Celebrity Award” “Judge Favourite” and others on Viewbug Photo Contest site 2017-2020
  • • Professional Member of: ISPWP, WPJ, and Fearless Photographers 2017 – present
  • • Named one of the Top Emerging Photographers of the Year, 2011 by Photolife Magazine
  • • “Water” contest winner, Published by PhotoSho magazine 2010
  • • “Your Shot” Winner of National Geographic Daily Dozen, published 2009

Behind the scenes of a Fantasy session (1 min 30 sec!)

What others say...

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Hi! I'm Naomi... a professional photograher with 14+ years experience, living in Victoria, BC with my husband and our two boys.

Despite my early dream of "traveling around the world to take photos" I realized that most of my favourite images are those of my own kids, usually taken in my hometown, because they have special memories attached. You don't have to go anywhere special to create amazing photos of your family because home is special enough, if you know what to look for.

The most prized photographs are created with intention because photography has the power to freeze moments in time.

Yes, there are a few lucky moments, but a true artist carefully chooses exactly what to include in the frame and what to leave out.

My goal is that your photos will take your breath away every time you look at them.

The "off duty" me:

dedicated mom (two boys and two fur babies!) ~ wife of 10 years ~ cat lover ~ dark chocolate fanatic ~ veggie gardener (sometimes well enough to harvest) ~ vegetarian ~ vintage cameras ~ jeans and t-shirts ~ getting my feet dirty and bugs are ok (just not on me) ~ green smoothies ~ yoga (worst in the class but I still try) ~ aspiring world traveler (8 countries and counting) ~ drawing ~ painting

Previously located in San Pedro de Alcántara 2012 - 2019 (I miss you Spain!) Currently based in VICTORIA, BC, CANADA :)

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