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My aspiration is to preserve the moments in your life that can never be recreated.

Hi! I'm Naomi,

I’m a Canadian freelance photographer, living 9 months of the year in Spain and back home to BC for 3 months each summer.

I specialize in people photography (weddings & families) and do nature & landscapes for fun. I live with my husband, Roman, and our two boys, age 8 and 4!

We are a family of travelers and sun seekers! It started when our oldest son was 4 months old; we packed up and went to Costa Rica for a month because we’d had enough of the Vancouver rain. The following winter we explored Mexico from coast to coast, and loved it, but in the end decided it felt too dangerous to stay long term. In 2012, we did a 5-month caravan trip from northern Germany down to Southern Spain (still in search of a great place to spend the winters) and that's how we found Marbella. When we got back to Canada, we immediately missed the sunshine and started working out a plan to return permanently.

Since escaping the grey skies on the West Coast, we spend most of our time in a little town called San Pedro de Alcantara, on the Costa del Sol. It's quite near the bigger and more famous, Marbella, but without all the glitz and glam. We come home to BC for 3 months a year, and this year (2019) we will be in and around Vancouver, Victoria, as well as the Fraser Valley, BC from July to the beginning of September.

Feel free to contact me about your wedding, family vacation photos or whatever your heart desires!

Me, my family and my work...

My Style

I'm a BC girl at heart. I was born and raised in Vancouver, BC and lived there until my early 30's... never dreamed of moving to Europe (hadn't even been here before!) Yet, here I am, living most of my days in Southern Spain!

My photographic style is somewhat minimalistic. I like images that are uncluttered and capture the simplicity of the subject without distractions in the background.

I love everything natural; the outdoors, organic food, eco-friendly photo albums made with recycled paper (yes, they actually exists!) and the list goes on. I prefer to shoot with available light (as opposed to with a flash or strobes) because it creates a more natural looking image.

When I'm not doing commissioned work like weddings or portraits, I love shooting travel documentary images that tell a story of people in everyday life.

Although I do like to make things look beautiful, I'm not a fan of overly "photoshopped" images. I prefer authenticity and real emotions. I definitely see the value in post processing when used to enhance the image artistically or correct things like color balance, but not to make something unrealistically “perfect”.  (If you're wondering how this impacts my style, just look around my portfolio and you should be able to get an idea of how I process my images. A picture is worth a thousand words!)

Besides offering excellent imagery, I love to see the product to the end. Meaning, I love to create something tangible with the photos. Be that a custom designed wedding album or a wall collage with metallic prints, I love making something special for each person. If I can make it eco-friendly, even better!

If you have any questions, use the contact button above. Look forward to hearing from you!

 - Naomi

How I got started as a photographer... (click to play)

Customer Testimonials

Receiving emails like these are the reason I love what I do!

Wow, you made it this far down the page! Here´s a bit more for the curious... 

My personal mission is to make beautiful photography available to everyone. For this reason, I decided a while back that I would specialize in short weddings, and mini photo sessions rather than the traditional all-day wedding shoot. By offering shorter spans of time, I am able to provide excellent images for all budgets and sizes of weddings. Of course, premium options are still available... I love to design and create the very best albums that can be had! 

I feel I was given a second chance to follow my passion and am truly lucky to be able to pursue photography as my career. (I started off in University studying Business Law and Accounting before realizing it was not for me.) Since then, my images have been published by various organizations, including National Geographic, and Canada’s Photosho, as well as many others. In 2011, Photolife Magazine named me as one of the best emerging photographers in Canada. I was honored to be listed among many great shooters.  Now, I'm here in Spain looking forward to shooting Spanish destination weddings, family beach sessions and whatever else comes my way. (And excited about coming back home to beautiful BC this summer!)

Thanks for reading!  I hope to meet you one day.  :)

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