About - Naomi Maya

My aspiration is to preserve the moments in your life that can never be recreated.

Since you’re here, let me share a bit about me...

I’m a BC girl at heart… I love the outdoors, nature, and all things eco-friendly. I was born in Vancouver, and lived my whole life in the Lower Mainland until I was 32! Then, I fell in love with a European while he was vacationing in BC, and everything changed. We traveled to 6 countries together in 2 years, and we ended up getting married in (and moving to) Spain! I never thought that would happen! We lived on the southern coast of Spain, near Marbella for the last 7 years. A few weeks ago, (summer 2019) we returned home to BC.

The "at work" me:

I bring all my talent and passion to every session I photograph, and my goal is to tell the story of your amazing day with flair and timeless artistry.

My Style: My style is minimalistic, yet elegant and creative... I like images that are uncluttered and capture the simplicity of the subject without distractions in the background.

Although I do like to make things look beautiful, I'm not a fan of overly processed images. (You won't find any fake sunsets or "photoshopped" backgrounds on my site.) I prefer authenticity, and edit only subtly with precise artistic intent. I give myself high standards for my photos because I know how important they are to the families who will treasure them for years to come.

Professional member of:


~ Film shooter since 1996 ~ 11 years as a wedding photographer (*yes, I've gone digital!) ~ 100+ weddings photographed ~

The "off duty" me:

dedicated mom (two boys!) ~ loving wife ~ cat lover ~ dark chocolate fanatic ~ veggie gardener (sometimes well enough to harvest) ~ vegetarian ~ vintage cameras ~ jeans and t-shirts ~ getting my feet dirty and bugs are ok (just not on me) ~ green smoothies ~ yoga (worst in the class but I still try) ~ aspiring world traveler (8 countries and counting) ~ drawing ~ painting ~ piano (sort of)

It would be an honour to be your photographer. Let's see if we are a good fit!

Customer Testimonials

Receiving emails like these are the reason I love what I do!

My personal mission is to make beautiful photography available to everyone. For this reason, I decided a while back that I would cater to any event, even if it's just for one hour of photography. By offering shorter spans of time, I am able to provide excellent images for nearly all budgets. Of course, premium options are still available... I love to design and create the very best albums that can be had!

I feel I was given a second chance to follow my passion and am truly lucky to be able to pursue photography as my career. Since 2008, my images have been published by various organizations, including National Geographic, and Canada’s Photosho, as well as many others. In 2011, Photolife Magazine named me as one of the best emerging photographers in Canada. Now, I'm here in Spain looking forward to shooting Spanish destination weddings, family beach sessions and whatever else comes my way.

Wow, you made it this far down the page! That means you’re super passionate about finding the right photographer and I think we will make a great fit! ;-)

Your next step is to check out my portfolio (if you haven't already) and then send me an email to inquire about your date.

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