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Children's Photography (Fine Art Sessions)


Saying I love creating photos is an understatement. There are no words to describe how much excitement I get when everything works out perfectly; the lighting, the expression, the exact moment that I click the shutter. To me, the (fun) challenge is to create an opportunity for photos. For example, bringing your kids to a beautiful spot at the right time of day - and then sit back and wait for the magical moments to happen. What I create is art out of real life, out of the "ordinary" you might say... just kids being kids.

How do the sessions work?

We will have a casual chat to get to know each other and talk about your family and your children's favourite activities. This will help us figure out the best way to capture meaningful images of your kids doing what they love. Then we will plan a date for the session allowing some time to collect any props we may need or any details we may need to sort out ahead of time. One the actual session date, I will give as little or as much direction as needed to help your kids play and become comfortable around me and my camera. The idea is that after a few minutes (sometimes more, depending on the children) they will play happily and normally, ignoring me altogether! That's when the magic happens.

Above: Carolina and Paco, the deer. Read more about their story here... 

We start with the end in mind

We always plan the end result first; the wall art (canvas, metallic print, framed art) or whatever your heart desires. We will keep this in mind from the get-go so that we can make sure it matches the place in your home that you want to hang your new art!

Can you help me with ideas for a themed session?

Yes! We will meet in person before the session and I'll ask you questions to help discover unique ideas for your kids. Most people don't come to me with concrete ideas anyway... I'm happy to help create a vision - it's what I love to do!

Portofolio (Click images below to open full gallery)


Fine Art Sessions differ in traditional family portraits in two ways. First, the meeting ahead of time to plan a "theme" for your session. Second, our goal isn't a tradtional portrait with your child looking at the camera. Because we are aiming for a specific end result, sessions may take longer than traditional posed portraits (and the best images are usually towards the end!)

Pricing on Fine Art Sessions is $575, plus the cost of the printed artwork you choose.

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