Planning a Picture Perfect Wedding - Naomi Maya

Planning your wedding?

The likely answer to the above question, since you are looking at this book, is yes. Unfortunately, for many brides who are planning their big day, there is often one problem which they assume will be taken care of by someone else. The photographs.

You want the photos to look amazing, right?

Of course you do! Photographs form one of the main parts of your day. This is where the essence of the marriage is captured, retained, treasured and remembered. But what many don’t understand about the photography is that very often arrangements and decorations can get in the way of a good shot.

Did you know that many common situations at weddings are VERY hard to photograph?

Some examples: Candlelight, large windows, dance floor strobes, ceremony arrangements, tall reception centerpieces... Even great photographers will struggle to get decent photos under these circumstances. 

This is where this book is designed to help you. The purpose of it is to ensure brides and their wedding planners arrange their wedding in such a way that it looks good in photos, or at the very least, doesn't interfere with the photographer’s ability to take a good shot.

Who's this book for?

 I've yet to photograph a wedding that was planned perfectly for the photos... so, the short answer is, it's for anyone planning a wedding. It's particularly useful for Do-it-Yourself brides and those on a budget, perhaps using a friend, relative or amateur photographer to take the photos of your big day, then this book will make sure that those photos turn out well, without you ever touching the camera.

Download it today and make sure tomorrow’s wedding is as perfect as it can be.

Over 80 Pages - PDF download - $20 CAD

Planning a wedding is a lot of work. Let me help you make it easier.

How is this different from all the other wedding planning books?

It's written by a photographer, not a wedding planner. (The difference is that photographers see things in terms of how they will look in photos, while nearly everyone else considers only how things look in real life. Sometimes what looks good in real life doesn't look good AT ALL in photos.)

It's main focus is on setting everything up around creating beautiful photo opportunites

It´s way simpler than traditional wedding planning books, and its primary focus is on getting great photos.

Most pages are filled with picture examples so it's QUICK and EASY to plan your wedding this way, rather than agonizing over every little detail.

It contains examples from 60+ real-life weddings to help you avoid common mistakes people make that ruin wedding photos

Also includes a section called "How to Hire a Qualified Photographer." with Seven Questions Every Bride Should Ask, and What to Look For in a Professional Portfolio.

Many expensive photographers say "You Get What You Pay For" in order to justify their high prices. While this is sometimes the case, it isn't always. You'll learn how to differentiate between someone who is offering a better service and someone who is just charging too much. This section alone is priceless and could save you from a major photo disaster.

I'm updating this book, sorry for the inconveniece. It's not available to purchase right now.
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