Family and Wedding Photographer in Marbella, Spain - Returning to Vancouver July 2019!

Documentary Photographer of People and Places

All photos you see are actual client photos, not set up or staged with models.

I strive to bring out their stories with emotion and beauty.  Enjoy!

Exceptional Wedding Photography that won't break the bank.

Here's how I do it:

10+ yrs Experience

Any photographer can take great photos under perfect conditions, but it takes someone with lots of experience to create amazing photos under ANY condition, be it rain, poor lighting, with anxious people or just when everything seems to be going “wrong”. I’ve got 11 years experience, so rest assured I can handle whatever happens without fumbling around with camera settings.

"Invisible" Style

Other photographers may impress you with moody images or trendy filters (or maybe you're not impressed!!) but I take great pride in my invisible editing style. I want to create images that look amazing for years to come, so I keep it real with accurate colors and classic, sophisticated style.


When you work with me I put my heart and soul into every project. That means that I will be your personal guide throughout the day, and offer suggestions when help is needed. I’ll craft light and composition to create amazing images that bring out the very best in you.

"All I want is one magical day, and amazing photos to remember it by." - Anonymous

Looking for Something Else?

I am most known for my wedding photography and natural family portrait sessions, but I'm happy to photograph almost anything you need. Visit the galleries below to see my work.

(Click image to view gallery)

Thank you for visiting! I hope to meet you one day! 

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