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Fine Art Photographer of People and Places

Hello and welcome!  

My clients are regular people, not models. I aim to capture their true essence and emotion.

All photos you see here are true documentations of life and love, not set up or staged with models. 

A photography course in 2006 changed my style forever...

I had loved photography since 1996 when I learned to develop my own prints in the darkroom, but 10 years later, this class changed my perspective.  

Our professor's name was Ian, a retired pro.  He had short, curly gray hair, thin metal-framed glasses and always wore a smile.

"You know the difference between a painter and a photographer?" he asked me.

Ian was veteran photographer for many years before becoming a teacher. I took several of his classes because I learned so much in each one. I will never forget that day in class when he explained the difference between an artist who paints and one who photographs.

"A painter adds, a photographer subtracts."

A painter starts with a blank canvas and must keep adding to it until the piece is finished. But, a photographer starts with chaos; everything that is visible to the eye, and must subtract from it until there is meaning in what is left. As photographers, we must learn to see all that is unnecessary in the frame, and then remove it. After all, it is easy to fill up a photograph... just click the shutter and you will see. It is much harder to simplify one.

True art emerges when you've found the right amount of "stuff" to tell the story.  

Too much in the frame and your message will be lost in the clutter. Too little and there will be no message to convey. Ian always told his students to keep on removing things from your frame until you cannot remove one more thing without the message falling apart. Then you will know you've gone too far. 

I am reminded by this philosophy whenever I shoot.

I strive to go for the pure, simple essence of the moment and nothing more....  The authentic moment, not artificially enhanced with Photoshop or filters... after all, it's those kind of "trendy" images that will look dated in a very short time!

Please feel free to look around the site and send me any questions you have.  I travel between Spain and Canada every year... spending 9 months in San Pedro de Alcantara, (a few minutes away from Marbella), on the Costa del Sol and the summer months in and around Vancouver, Victoria and the Fraser Valley, BC.

I would be happy to photograph almost anything you need, but I am most known for my wedding photography and natural family portrait sessions.

Enjoy, and thanks for visiting my website. 

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